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Carrying quality and trust
on the highways of Europe

We offer the most excellent service at reasonable costs in order to the a leading logistics company. We pull out all the stops in order to be positioned at a different point through the confidence we give while providing this service of higher Standard.

  • Continuous, Fast, Economical, Safe Service
  • Transportation from 1 kg to a Full Vehicle
  • Unconditional Customer Satisfaction
  • Project Transportation
  • Information - Technology - Quality and Experienced Staff
  • Leader Corporation Racing against Time
  • TRANS AFS, Name of Assurance
Maximum service for your minimum cargo

International Terms and Abbreviations

A/V Ad Valorem Kıymet üzerinden Ad Valorem
AF Advance Freight Peşin avans navlun Advance Freight
AWB AirWay Bill Konşimento(Hava) AirWay Bill
B/G Bonded Goods Gümrüğü ödenmemiş transit mal Bonded Goods
BT Berth Terms Yükleme ve boşaltma kuralları Berth Terms
CAD Cash Against Documents Vesaik mukabili Cash Against Documents
CAG Cash Against Goods Mal mukabili Cash Against Goods
CFR Cost and Freight Mal bedeli ve navlun Cost and Freight
CIA Cash In Advance Peşin para Cash In Advance
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight Mal bedeli Sigorta ve navlun (Deniz yolu) Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIP Carrıage and Insurance Paid to Taşıma ve sigorta ödenmiş Carrıage and Insurance Paid to
CL Carload Lot Alıcının bulunduğu istasyona teslim Carload Lot
COD Case On Delivery Teslimat anında ödeme Case On Delivery
CONF Confirm/Confirmed Teyit/Teyitli Confirm/Confirmed
COS Cash On Shipment Sevkiyat anında peşin para Cash On Shipment
CPD Charteres Py Dues Vergi, rüsum gemi kiralayana ait Charteres Py Dues
CR Current Rate Cari Kur Current Rate
D/A Documents Against Acceptance Kabul karşılığı vesaik Documents Against Acceptance
D/O Delivery Order Teslimat emri Delivery Order
D/P Documents Against Payment Vesaik mukabili ödeme Documents Against Payment
DAD Documents Against Discretion of collecting bank Tahsilatı yapan bankanın takdiri karşılığında vesaik Documents Against Discretion of collecting bank
DAF Delivered At Frontier Sınırda teslim Delivered At Frontier
DDU Delivered duty unpaid Vergileri ödenmemiş teslim Delivered duty unpaid
DEQ Delivered Ex Quay Rıhtımda teslim (Vergileri ödenmiş) Delivered Ex Quay
DES Delivered Ex Ship Gemide teslim Delivered Ex Ship
DFT Draft Poliçe/ Kambiyo senedi Draft
ENCL Enclosure Ekleri Enclosure
END Endorse/ endorsement Ciro edilmiş/ ciro Endorse/ endorsement
ETA Expected Time of Arrival Geminin tahmini varış zamanı Expected Time of Arrival
EXQ Eq Quay Rıhtımda teslim Eq Quay
EXW Ex Works İşyerinde teslim Ex Works
FD Free Discharge Boşaltma masrafları gemiye ait olmaksızın Free Discharge
FAS Free Alongside Ship Gemi yanında teslim Free Alongside Ship
FCA Free Carrier Taşıyıcıya teslim Free Carrier
FAND Freight and Demurrage Navlun ve Sürastarya Freight and Demurrage
FIB Free Into Bunkers Ambara teslim Free Into Bunkers
FIO Free In and Out Taşıyıcının yükleme ve boşaltma gideri ilgisi yoktur. Free In and Out
FIOS Free In and Out, Stowed FIO ve istif gideriyle ilgisi yoktur. Free In and Out, Stowed
FO Free Out Boşaltma alıcıya ait Free Out
FOB Free On Board Gemi Bordasında teslim Free On Board
FOC Free Of Charge Ücretsiz Free Of Charge
FRFWRD Freight Forward Navlun vadeli Freight Forward
FRT Freight Navlun Freight
FRTCOLL Freight Collect Navlun tahsil edilecek Freight Collect
FRTPP Freight Prepaid Navlun peşin ödenmiş Freight Prepaid
GRWT Gross Weight Brüt ağırlık Gross Weight
IOU I owe You Size borcum, borç senedi I owe You
IRREV Irrevocable Rücu edilmez (Gayrikabilirücu) Irrevocable
L/C Letter of Credit Akreditif Letter of Credit
LO Liner Out Boşaltma satıcıya ait Liner Out
M/R Mate's Receipt Ordino/ Yükleme ordinosu Mate's Receipt
MIP Marine Insurance Policy Deniz Sigortası poliçesi Marine Insurance Policy
PA Power of Attorny/ Private account Vekaletname / Özel hesap Power of Attorny/ Private account
PB Pass Book Tasarruf Cüzdanı Pass Book
TO Turnover Ciro Turnover
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