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Carrying quality and trust
on the highways of Europe

We offer the most excellent service at reasonable costs in order to the a leading logistics company. We pull out all the stops in order to be positioned at a different point through the confidence we give while providing this service of higher Standard.

  • Continuous, Fast, Economical, Safe Service
  • Transportation from 1 kg to a Full Vehicle
  • Unconditional Customer Satisfaction
  • Project Transportation
  • Information - Technology - Quality and Experienced Staff
  • Leader Corporation Racing against Time
  • TRANS AFS, Name of Assurance
Maximum service for your minimum cargo

About Us

Believing that success will come with quality service, economical solutions and unconditional customer satisfaction in international land transportation, TRANS AFS has proven that it is not a coincidence that it occupies its present position in the sector through these principles.

We are conscious of the fact that we are a solution partner of our customers and a significant part of their supply chain in land import and export transportation at all times.

Each cargo we carry, notwithstanding whether it is minimum or full, receives the same attention in our services and agencies at all times.

We are really a sector-leading corporation which offers services as a “product” for your use, which integrates all the knowledge and experience on all subjects of activity with technology, which possesses great experience in “Door-to-Door Transport” in real terms and which carries this concept over to the international dimensions.

We maintain our quality service approach through our categorised and complete voyages in exports and imports to and from the European countries with an emphasis on Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

It is possible for you to make use of the quality of our service to the same extent during the time elapsing from the receipt of your shipping instruction to the delivery of your cargo.

Our overseas agents are such big companies known and recognised all over the world and thus we mutually keep the service quality at the maximum level. We aim at safely taking your cargo to any location at any time you choose.

TRANS AFS provides its customers with opportunities of tracing and communication through its self-owned truck capacity and modern communication facilities in its vehicles. On the other hand, maintaining a CMR (Carrier Responsibility Insurance), TRANS AFS completes any and all booking and customs clearance procedures on behalf of its customers, thus providing “door-to-door transportation” service.

TRANS AFS carries any cargoes including but not limited to textiles, inflammable and explosive substances by our specially equipped vehicles and specially trained drivers and performs project transportation with TRANS AFS quality in land transportation.

Our success in the European –especially Italy and Germany– line, really makes us proud for the sake of the Turkish transportation business. We know that providing services through our own staff members in our own offices enhances the service quality and competitive power as well. Competing with big European companies on the way to Europe, we display the optimum performance.

Welcome to the world of TRANS AFS, which adopts venturesome, enterprising, employment-creating, fast, safe, modern service principles and ethics through its specialised staff members.

Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia

International Land Transportation

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